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    • OEM and ODM services

      Select Man Kun, you will have professional technical services and quality after-sale partners, in the LED lighting dimming control industry to extend your business, we provide OEM/ODM services to meet your manufacturing needs for lighting control systems. Our competitive advantage lies in the cost advantage of manufacturing and experienced product development team, our product delivery time, quality assurance for five years.



      Customers provide brand LOGO, sticker design, packaging design or put forward design requirements, our product design team, R & D team according to customer requirements for OEM licensing or OEM development and production of products.

    • The idea of innovation

      Our experienced team of engineers will use their knowledge and expertise to expand and develop our and customer product lines to design the most competitive products for the market. We are willing to listen to customer advice and market feedback, and constantly upgrade the hardware and software parts of our products.


      Engineering research and development

      We have a group of talented and talented professionals distributed in each link of product development and manufacture, from the market application of the product and the experience in the supply chain to solve the technical problems. Actively solve and solve the technical problems in the function, and realize the real product innovation.

    • Professional manufacturing

      We are a professional manufacturer in LED lighting control field. With years of OEM/ODM service experience, our patented technology, efficient product R&D and design team and competitive cost, we can realize efficient product customization and customer service with cost advantage.


      Meet commitments

      Our responsibility is more than simply delivering products on time. Our goal is to provide a value-added experience from packaging to custom services to ensure your recognition and satisfaction.

    • Market extension

      Our flexible customer service and innovative design and research resources can efficiently customize your products to help you extend your product line.


      After-sale service

      We guarantee the service life of LED controller, dimmer, remote controller and dimmer driver is 5 years.



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